When Expertise and Experience Matters

Welcome to Penmae Planning and Design. We’re happy to offer you our over two decades of experience in the planning and design of medical workspaces.

From access to the very best equipment from a variety of suppliers, to knowledge of the latest advances in practices, to familiarity with power requirements and building codes, Penmae is unrivaled in our ability to build spaces that let you work your best.

Custom relationships designed around you.

Here at Penmae, we understand the variety of forms that relationships with clientele can take. We provide not only custom solutions for your clients, but custom approaches to working with you.

Sales Organizations

Does your sales organization want to present a unified approach to your client for your front-end conceptual work? We'll work behind the scenes while maintaining the appearance of being a permanent part of your team. Let us use our experience and expertise to make your company look like rock stars!

OEM Solutions

As a manufactuer, you need good drawings, and at Penmae we have the skills make them happen. Whether it's front-end, submittal or back-end documentation you can trust us to sweat the details and let your sales team get back to doing what they do best.


If you're a hospital building a state of the art clinical workspace, look no further than Penmae. Planning and design is all we do and we're unmatched in our experience, focus and commitment to creating the very best environment for your team...and your patients.

Architectural firms

Your architects are top notch and the best choice for the drawings that hospitals and medical facilities need, but could they benefit from a partner with decades of experience in designing specifically for medical environments? Good design and drawings start with good planning, and partnering with us is a great way to ensure your clients get your best work.

The Future of Patient Care is our Focus

We offer innovative technologies for almost everywhere your patients receive care. Our skills work together to give you exactly what you need: efficiency, versatility, reliability and cost savings.


Radiology Departments
(Cardiac Catheterization Lab, Electrophysiology Lab, Hybrid Operating Room)

Surgery Departments
(Robotic, Neuro, Cardiac, Vascular, Trauma, Transplant, Orthopedic, General, GYN, Urology)

GI/Endoscopy Departments
(ERCP Suites, GI Labs)

Intensive Care Units

Post Anesthesia Care Units

Emergency Departments

Clinical Infrastructure

Medical booms are designed to free the workspace and keep equipment clean and off of the ground.  Surgical lights are distinctly engineered to provide brilliant illumination for today’s surgical teams.  Proper application requires serious thought and planning. Our team will help you assess equipment needs and help design your new or renovated, suite, lab, or room.

Technology Management

Managing the complex array of technologies is crucial to delivering patient care and ensuring positive surgical outcomes.  Managing multiple vendors in the lab or operating room requires multiple levels of expertise.  We can help to properly connect your devices to serve the needs of the clinical team.

Our Partners

From large to small, medical organizations across America trust Penmae for the planning and design of their surgical facilities. The following is a sample of our clientele.

About Rick

Rick Wadas has over 20 years’ experience in hospital and health care facility planning and design. He is here to help with anything from simple equipment placement and single room layouts to entire department design. He has experience with multiple difficult projects where he helped customers avoid common pitfalls and designed rooms with Physician acceptance in the first drawings version.

While assisting in health care facility Rick can help identify optimum work flows; recommend space allocations and relationships; integrating patient, staff, and material flows; and determining the equipment mixes best suited to particular functions.